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Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation or "Laser" therapy consists of sending a special wave of light to a target in or below the skin's surface.  This light heats the area, creating a specific reaction that at resolution gives the desired cosmetic result.  Depending on the type of laser, a host of problems can be treated.  All laser treatments are minimally painful and are associated with little to no "down" time.

Laser Skin Resurfacing (Non ablative)

Laser skin treatment is an innovative, technologically advanced way to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in both men and women. Now you too can have a youthful appearance by treating those conditions that are typically associated with premature signs of aging, such as unsightly facial veins, redness and sun damaged skin.  Laser skin treatment can reduce visible facial vessels, as well as diffuse redness, by gently warming the upper dermis, improving the appearance of your skin.  The result is a healthy looking and vibrant appearance.

Laser Treatment of Acne

Millions of young Americans suffer with acne. The great majority can get relief with the use of lotions, creams, and on occasion low dosage antibiotics. Some have acne that fails to respond to traditional treatments. This can result in scarring and damage not only to one's skin but also to one's psychological well-being. Accutane® is a valuable and effective remedy for severe resistant acne, but it carries a risk of significant side effects. It is because of concern about these side effects that there has been an ongoing search for safer treatments for acne.

At Indulgence the CoolTouch® laser is being used effectively to suppress and control severe acne and to improve scarring that has already occurred. Laser treatment of acne allows individuals to avoid the side effects of Accutane®. Call Indulgence for a complimentary consultation to determine whether or not you are a candidate for laser treatment of your acne.

Laser Hair Reduction

During laser hair reduction, the laser pulses for just a fraction of a second, heating the hair follicle and impairing its ability to re-grow.  Significantly less hair grows back with each treatment…  ultimately resulting in your goal of permanent hair reduction.  The number of treatments required varies from individual to individual.  Hair growth cycles differ on different parts of the body.  Your skin and hair color, coarseness of hair as well as age, metabolism and other individual factors influence hair growth rate.  Our experienced professionals will work with you in designing a schedule to optimize your results. 

Laser Vein Removal

Indulgence provides laser technology to treat spider and reticular veins on both face and legs. Laser vein therapy is a revolutionary medical technique which uses patented technology to eliminate benign vascular and pigmented lesions non-invasively.


This procedure utilizes Infrared Light to produce a gentle skin tightening that does not require any anesthetic cream. The procedure requires no skin preparation and does not leave any bruises or scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy

Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a "quick-fix" procedure requiring virtually no downtime to rejuvenate the skin and restore a youthful glow. IPL stimulates new collagen to form in the skin thereby reducing fine lines, minimizing pore size and acne scars, and increasing skin elasticity. Intense pulsed light also diminishes flushing or redness of the face associated with Rosacea, reduces brown spots, erases broken capillaries, and smoothes roughly textured skin.

IPL therapy consists of a series of 4 to 6 treatments, in which an intense flash of light is emitted similar to the flash of a camera. IPL passes through the top layer of skin (epiderrmis) and penetrates to the deeper layer (dermis) where blood vessels, pigment cells, and collagen are found. Because the epidermis is unharmed, the severe redness and peeling associated with traditional laser skin resurfacing is avoided.

Any skin can be treated with IPL including skin on the face, neck, chest, back, hands, arms, and legs. The actual procedure time varies depending on the size of the area treated. IPL therapy of the full face may take 20 minutes, while treatment of the face, neck and chest may take as long as 45 minutes.

Topical cream anesthesia can be applied one to one and a half hours prior to intense pulsed light treatment to reduce any stinging sensation. Abnormal blood vessels are typically not anesthetized due to constriction and blanching of the blood vessels, making visualization of the vessels difficult.

IPL treatments of freckles or brown spots usually require no downtime, and you can return to normal daily activities immediately. Over a 2 to 3 week period any brown spots or freckles will darken and then flake off. IPL treatments of abnormal redness or vessels usually have minimal downtime, as well, although some patients experience purple discoloration as the intense pulsed light ruptures the blood vessels. Camouflage makeup can conceal any discoloration, and it usually resolves in about a week.

After IPL therapy, it is especially important to wear sunscreen and a hat to avoid sun exposure and prevent discoloration or recurrence of sun damage, brown spots, and lines.

If you want to erase skin damage, improve your appearance, and look your best, please contact us for more information about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or to schedule an appointment.

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